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I never realized how incredibly hard it is. When you try talking about your chronic illness/other illness, to not feel like you are trying to get pity. At no time have I ever tried to get pity. But I hate talking about all of the things that this illness has deprived me of/taken away from me. It makes me feel pitiful, even though it shouldn’t. I just feel like a burden when I talk. But people also need to know the life this thing can suck out of you. 

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More pictures here
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Fun fact: This is Orlando’s legit impression of Johnny; it wasn’t originally scripted.

Was there even a script for this film. Every time I see a post about PotC they are like ‘this wasn’t scripted’
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One of the most obnoxious things you can say to someone with a chronic and/or severe illness of any kind is “go exercise.” Like hell naw. It’s not that simple. If it was, don’t you think I would have tried this alleged antidote to all of my problems and gotten hooked to its “magical powers” by now?

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well spoken, Dr. Reid.

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